How to Beat Turnitin in 2022 and Get Away with It

Tips on How to Beat Turnitin

Turnitin has created a lot of problems for students around the world. With its complex algorithms, it urges students to make unrealistic edits to their assignments.

Plagiarism detection can often be annoying when you’re trying to express yourself and earn that grade. Even strings of three words can be considered as plagiarism, which is unrealistic at best.

Today, we’ve decided to share with you some helpful tips on how to beat Turnitin and cheat this notorious software. We will cover all the basics, along with all the things you need to know about the inner workings of Turnitin, along with some writing tips. We hope assignment writing won’t be such a painful experience anymore.

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What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an online plagiarism detection tool and is used by more than 30 million students around the world. It’s safe to say that Turnitin has caused a lot of controversy over the last decade or so.

While formally, professors say that the tool is used for improving paraphrasing and quoting for academic purposes, many have criticized Turnitin as a symbol of distrust for students.

The tool offers three services to students:

  • GradeMark. A tool that makes it easier for teachers to grade papers and assignments, with multiple options for adding comments, input and other things.
  • PeerMark. A place where students can peer review their own paper and exchange valuable experiences and information.
  • Turnitin OriginalityCheck. This is the original Turnitin feature which uses a large database to cross-reference your paper with other papers, books and resources in the database. The result is an originality report, which indicates the presence of plagiarised content. In the report, you can also see which passages are unoriginal.

How does Turnitin work in 2022?

Another thing you need to know about Turnitin is that its database consists of three parts. It’s essential that you understand how do they work because it will allow you to bypass the system. Your goal is to avoid having your paper being matched with these types of sources:

  • Every single accessible page on the internet
  • Commercial pages from journals, books, and newspapers
  • An existing database of submitted student papers. This has created several accusations of copyright infringement, as students never give Turnitin permission to use their papers as a comparison tool.

So, you will be up against three challenges. If you manage to bypass them all, you will be able to achieve all your academic goals without too much difficulty. Now, let’s take a look at how you can cheat Turnitin.

Some of the methods we’re going to cover might be easier to pull off and some might not. The bottom line is, you will have all the knowledge needed to make your essay a successful one. Let’s take a look at the tricks to how to cheat Turnitin.

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1. Paraphrase everything

This is by far the most proven way to beat Turnitin. Turnitin employs algorithms that don’t detect paraphrasing. Instead, they focus on similar sentence structures, grammatical patterns and phrases. If you order a custom assignment online, all you have to do is paraphrase every sentence and you will be good to go.

  • If you’re copying your material from a journal, make sure you use multiple sources to compare facts. Remember, it’s not enough to beat Turnitin – your essay has to make sense and be readable by a real live professor.
  • Don’t blatantly use synonyms. One of the ways teachers can find out about students using cheating methods is when they see a synonym that doesn’t make sense in that context. Don’t be lazy. Paraphrase the entire sentence, instead of just one world.

2. Use synonyms for shorter sentences

Another way to trick Turnitin into accepting your papers is to add synonyms to shorter sentences. It can be incredibly annoying to alter the meaning and form of every sentence. Use synonyms that make sense and don’t look out of place. Look for examples of a phrase online. If you see examples of it in newspaper articles and blogs, then you’re good to go.

Let’s take a look at an example of how you can use synonyms to cheat Turnitin:

  • Physical exercise has been proven to be a good method of raising your health.
  • Working out has turned out to be a beneficial way of improving your overall health.

See how easy it is? Just make sure the meaning stays intact. That way, no professor or teacher will suspect you’re cheating.

3. Online writing services

If your deadline is getting near and you can’t copy other students’ work, opt to order work from an online writing service. This is a proven method to get original work, with minimal money spent.

The price usually depends on the topic, the word count of the assignment, as well as the urgency. Some services even allow you to order custom-written assignments and get them in less than 12 hours.

Make sure you choose a reputable writing service to avoid any problems. All the best essay writing services have writers and editors who know how to use Turnitin and bypass it. Communicate with the writer and don’t be afraid to make any special demands.

To save money, you can also organize a package order with your friends. That way, Turnitin won’t be able to detect other students work either.

4. Convert to PDF and alter the character map

This is one of the best ways to learn how to plagiarize without getting caught by Turnitin. By altering the character map, you’re changing the sequence of the characters that were used in the text. Visually, the entire assignment remains the same, but there is no link between the visual form of the text and how it looks like.

Think of it like this – Imagine drawing every letter by hand in pain and pasting the images in Microsoft Word. Everything will look the same to you, but the program won’t be able to recognize it as legitimate text.

You might be able to fool the plagiarism detector, but your professors might get a bit suspicious when they see the originality percentage at 100%. Be careful and insert just a little plagiarized content in the form of quotes to mask your cheating.

5. Anti-Turnitin websites

When Turnitin refined their algorithms in 2016, more and more anti-Turnitin websites started appearing. They promote shrewd method of encryption that will fool Turnitin and prevent it from detecting plagiarism. Generally, these sites are unproven and you should only use this method as your last resort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Turnitin detect PDF?

Yes, but there are often cases of the program rejecting the file. PDF has two layers – the visual and the textual layer. Sometimes, there is a mistake and Turnitin detects the file as an image. To prevent this from happening, you have to re-define your paper as a text file.

What is the acceptable percentage for Turnitin?

There isn’t one. Keep in mind that Turnitin serves only a guide to professors. To know how to beat Turnitin means just to cover the trail of your plagiarism. Having an “acceptable” percentage doesn’t mean anything if your essay is good. Generally, you want to leave some plagiarized content so that the paper doesn’t seem suspicious.

In every niche, there are phrases like “renewable energy sources” or “blockchain transaction solutions,” which are strings of words that can trigger plagiarism. In the end – it’s all up to your professor.

Does Turnitin detect paraphrasing?

If you do it correctly and change the entire structure of the sentence, then you should have no problems. Things you should avoid are changing only one word and inserting a word into an existing block of words. After 2016, Turnitin is fit to detect changes in blocks of words. Be careful.

Does Turnitin check for text within an image?

No. Turnitin is currently unable to detect text from an image, but there are rumors that it should soon be able to.

Concluding thoughts

Now that you know how to beat Turnitin, there is nothing stopping you from achieving all your academic goals. Cheating Turnitin is much easier than it seems. Order now and don’t stress over assignments anymore. They will be plagiarism-free and worthy of the highest possible grade.

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